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Vindictus: Is it just another online role playing game?

vindictusIf you are somewhere on the social circuit, then you must have played some online role playing game. They have been around from even before when there were no terms like MMORPG for them. It stands for Massively Multi player Online Role Playing game. And you may have played it without even realizing that it was that what you were playing. Anyway so Vindictus was launched in 2010 and it has had quite a few patches to it. It is a hack and slash type of online role playing game. It is combative in nature. The game is set in a war and strife period. The game is free to play and charges nothing for download also.

Keep reading to decide for yourself if Vindictus is just another role playing game or has something more to it.

Vindictus is a high speed combat game that has been inspired by Celtic mythology. This game requires a lot of teamwork and you are usually part of a large group. So whether it be fishing or collecting coins in dungeons, teams are an important part of the game. Gamers start with joining a mercenary unit called, “Crimson Blades” to fight Fomors, or monsters in the hopes of reaching Erinn. But before you go into all that lets look at a little background of the game.

What is the rationale behind Vindictus?

Vindictus is designed in a world where there is one moon that shines upon a wasteland that is home to Fomors and beasts. They roam around, eager to tear flesh from bone. But Erinn is the better half. It has two moons Eweca and Lateka. It’s a perfect world there where everything is bountiful, and no one dies or falls sick. People are awaiting the black winged goddess who will come and save them from the one- moon land.

This game allows gamers to interact with many environmental elements. You can use wooden planks, or go fishing, or sell items that you don’t use. You can do crafting for you with whatever objects are available to you at that level. Keep at it till you level out and then some other gamer will pick it up. For fishing to give you benefits, it’s always better to be a part of a large group. By environmental elements, it means that you can also use planks of wood to be used made into clubs, or you can use stones to make weapons. The game is quite realistic and very much in detail. You can control most aspects of your game.


Key features of Vindictus

  1. Interactive environment: You can not only destroy environments but also see visible changes in the people around you. For instance an enemy will bleed from the place where your blade sliced your body. It’s quite engaging in fact. The enemy will fall and become corpses. You can use these corpses as shields too. Also when walls collapse, you may unearth new items that will help you with the game. As you progress through levels, it becomes quite interesting to see how you make the game turn out for you.

  2. Dynamic and challenging play moves: You need to work in teams to defeat enemies and to clear dungeons. Clearing dungeons means that you have to collect what all gold that they have to offer and also pick up other items that they might have for you. Up to 4 players can enter a dungeon together and help pull it apart. The game doesn’t get boring is that’s what you are worried about. There’s a lot to do.

  3. Crafts and customization: You can customize your avatar to look like anything. And with your crafting skills can actually put together a costume for it. For things that you leave incomplete as you level out, you still get points and the next gamer in that level picks it up. Also you can earn some gold to keep you going. Sell what you make and be done with it.

Customizing appearance also means you can doddle with your hairstyle, skin tone and clothing. But this feature is available in most games. So in any case, no matter what you choose, your dressing style will be unique and stylish. All the more reason to play the game.


How are you rewarded in the game?

Well it’s with the Vindictus gold that you are rewarded. As you move through levels, you get more and more of gold. Sometimes you earn the gold by selling what you are not using. Or you can also search for rare objects and then auction it away. The game is quite interesting that way. You can also do some fishing to earn the Vindictus gold. Many gamers find it difficult to earn in the game but it’s quite easy! All you have to do is be a little alert to the opportunities. In short there are four ways to earn the Vindictus gold.

  1. Fishing: Wait for schools of fish to come your way and then cast the net. Also more the number of people in a fishing party, more number of fishes will come. Try not to miss a whole school of fish.

  2. Crafting and marketplaces: Make things of utility and just sell them away. You earn that way and also make use of resources that you have. It earns you points on the survival scale. And as you are making things, in case you have to leave it because your level is up, jus sell it to the next gamer in the previous level. Your work doesn’t go waste.

Apart from this what you get are the bonus objectives that you have to meet in addition to the mission. You can upgrade your character or class with the points that you get. You can look into numerous skills and spells and improve your fighting tactics. So this game is quite some entertainment and its free to play too. Just download it and see what you can get going.

Everything that you need to know about Vindictus Gold

VindictusVindictus is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that was released in 2010. It is the hack and slash type of game which basically means that the game is combative in nature. So this game features both hand to hand and weapon based combat. Vindictus Gold is what the game gives as its rewards. And a lot many gamers out there have been scouring the internet for some guide to making quick Vindictus Gold. Well your wish has been granted. Keep reading and you will know how to make money!

Money making is quite easy in the game. It starts with you knowing that there are only four ways to make that money. They are through Dungeons, Fishing, Stores/Marketplace and Crafting. So let’s start looking at them one by one.


It is the most common way of making money. Different dungeons will have different quantities of gold in them. Just be sure to pick up the gold that you see lying on the floor. That’s one sure shot way to notch up the gold count. You can also get gold by mining some ore. If your teammates don’t mind, get some mine bombs and set to work. And not just gold, you can get a lot many items from the dungeons, depending on which one you are in. but this isn’t the most efficient way to make money.



This helps you make money faster and more effectively. You have to know the exact time that the school of fish is going to appear. Also try to be part of a fishing party. When in a big group, more fish will appear. But try not to act rash. It’s really silly missing a whole school of fish. But you have to be careful also because sometimes a violent tahtich may appear. This may cause your boat to topple or be harmful to your life or the others. You may even be lucky and find some other items like ice crystals, silver ores, and gold ores!



These are good places to sell the things that you don’t need. It may not seem like a lot, but why simply hoard things that you may not use at all. It will at least get you some money. So you can sell to other players and get money in return. Not bad at all! Even better it is when you have some rare item that you just don’t need. Auction it and give it to the highest bidder. You just need to know where to sell it either in the store or in the market place.



This saves you a lot of money. And money saved is money earned. Craft your own stuff right from potions to antique items. You can make anything that you want and don’t want to spend on. You could read up more on crafting online. Keep building till you level out and then sell it to another player. Smart that is!

vindicuts crafting

These methods can get you a lot of Vindictus money. Just be alert and play well!

Three unusual online role- playing games

Online role playing games have taken the market and the gamers by storm. Everybody these days is hooked onto one or another game, whether it is through Facebook or just an independent game or some social media site. They are quite engaging and you will keep going back to it. Some of these games are set in magical worlds where you have to save your territory from curses and spells. Other times you are a police agent chasing after grim butchers and the like. There is actually a lot of variety out there for gamers like you, but the three most unusual role playing games are:

  1. Runes of Magic: RoM was released in early 2009 and has had five patches so far. The latest being the Fires of Shadowforge. There are ten different character classes such as warrior, elves, knights, dwarves and the like. Each class has two sets of skills like general and primary.
    runes_of_magicEach of your avatars will be valued on five parameters namely dexterity, strength, stamina, intelligence and wisdom. Your avatars can also learn professions such as carpentry, tailoring, planting, herbalism and the like. This is a free to play fantasy game. You may feel that this quite similar to the World of Warcraft, but there is one major difference. That is the multi- class feature. After reaching level 10, a gamer can choose another class and at level 20 a third class. This feature is the truly outstanding factor.

  1. Perfect World: This was launched by the Beijing Perfect World in 2005 and is a 3D adventure and fantasy game. Gamers can choose a race from humans, winged elves and untamed, and a class within it. The classes are those of archer, assassin, barbarian, cleric and the like. The game topography is broken into a number of territories, and you have to conquer and rule them. You are rewarded in the form of coins. The game can also be played as a part of a guild which is a collection of at most 200 players. These coins can be used to benefit the guild. The game has beautifully designed territories and is a rather in- depth game. Afraid not, it will get you addicted once you start playing it!
    Perfect world

  2. Heroes In the sky: This game is set in the World War II phase. You role play a fighter pilot, and build your fleet of fighter planes. So you are dank in the middle of the Allies and The Axis powers. Rather exciting this is and you will not find many games set in that period. You have to look out for cannon fire, machine gun blasts, missiles and bombs. It’s a dynamic game where cities will be bombed, boats will be sunk and the like. Lot of excitement if you ask people.

These games will keep you engaged are quite unusual. You may feel that you have played similar games but these games are rather intricately designed. Play it first hand to understand what actually works for you.